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I'm a video editor, writer, and producer, specializing in humorous, fast-paced content and live events.  Using my background as a standup comedian, I've created web and branded content that has millions of views.

My videos can currently be seen on, where I am the Executive Video Producer, and create a new video essay every week. I also currently manage Video Production at Townsquare Media, including our Intern Program and Post Production and Data Management. 

Prior to my work with ScreenCrush, I created content for the popular YouTube channel Loudwire.  I had the pleasure of filming and editing interviews and live performances of legendary artists like Gene Simmons and Slash.

I'm also an accomplished filmmaker, winning awards for both my documentary and narrative work.  I directed the documentary Blue Like Me, which toured film festivals in the United States, Great Britain, and India.  I specialize in comedies, and I'm a house director for the monthly Iron Mule Film festival in New York City.

I'm also a prolific writer of screenplays, stage plays, sketch comedy, a novel, and a radio play podcast called Rick Pulsar: Galactic Knight of Space Justice.

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