Ryan Arey

Writer / Editor / From Peebles

Film Maker

Editor Show Reel

This 91 second reel showcases small snippets of my work, showcasing the variety of projects I like to undertake.

Clips Included:

1.  We Know, 2013 Documentary.  This 60-minute film is about a small town basketball team's heartbreaking journey to the state tournament.  I also wrote and directed the film.

2.  French Woods Promotional Video, Annually Updated.  French Woods is the largest performing arts camp in the country.  Every year I create a new promo video to highlight war the camp has to offer.

3. oroboros, 2013 Short Film.  oroboros was a collaboration between myself and several talented students at French Woods.  We built the story together, and made a piece that is terrifying for both children and adults.

4.  Nextv Sports Intro, 2010.  This short piece was used to begin of every Nextv Sports broadcast.  It was created with After Effects.

5.  American Comeback, 2010 Shot Film.  This was the last film I made in my home town before I moved to New York, so I suppose I'm sentimental about it.  The whole town helped this film come together, and the climactic big wheel race at the end always makes me smile.

6.  French Woods Circus, 2014, Live Performance.  French Woods boasts the largest children's circus in the world.  Every three weeks, 400 children perform a massive show, and I perform the 10 camera edit.  This is a very, very small sample of a French Woods circus show.

Blue Like Me Trailer

Blue Like Me follows Indian-American-Jewish artist Siona Benjamin as she travels to her native Mumbai and meets with members of the Indian Jewish community.  This project was funded by a Kickstarter.  We traveled to Mumbai, India for two weeks to interview Indian Jews and discuss Sona's artwork.  it was an experience I'll never forget.

Production Roles: Editor, Associate Producer, Writer.

The Florida Series

Meet an adorable puppet stranded at sea, and join him in his quest for Florida.  I created this series with David Valentine, a puppet builder whose building credits include Muppets Most Wanted.  We've made around a dozen shorts with this little guy.  The best ones focus on him being stranded in this boat.

Production Roles:  Writer, Editor, Director of Photography


Follow three girls into the woods, as they slowly uncover a terrifying mystery.  This film was a collaboration between myself and several campers at French Woods.  it was written and shot in just ten hours.  We worked together to create a film that is scary for both children and adults.

Production Roles:  Writer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer


A young girl decides to take her family's fate into her own hands.  This was a collaboration between myself and a talent young man named Will Adwar.  The film effortlessly creates the feel of a southern gothic, even though is was filmed entirely at a summer camp.

Production Roles: Story, Cinematographer, Editor

What Drugs Are You Looking For?

A man discovers a very useful GPS setting to help him find drugs, and it backfires in a big way.  I'm particularly proud of the the comic timing in this piece.  Editing comedy is one of my greatest skills.  I also create the GPS graphics from nothing, using Motion to create the 2D/3D landscape inside the GPS's monitor.

Production Roles: Writer, Director, Editor, Visual Effects