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Hi, I'm Ryan.  I've been a professional video editor for ten years.  Please watch some of my work while you're here.  If I can help you with anything, please let me know.



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Here is the Latest News About Me:

December 3, 2014: "Goodnight Jeeves" plays at Iron Mule Comedy Film Festival

November 12, 2014: "Blue Like Me" private screening at Lomenhaft Art Gallery. 

October 2014-Began contributing commentary to moviepilot.com

October 2014-"Blue Like Me" documentary invited to screen at the 2015 IAAC Film Festival, and the 2015 Jewish Film Festival in Washington, DC.

October, 2014-"Empire: Uncut" is released, featuring 5 seconds of the Florida Puppet (we're around 57:05)

September 2014-I completed my 10th summer running the Film Department at French Woods Festival.  This summer we filmed and edited more than 160 performances, including 85 Theater Shows, 11 Circus Shows, 4 Orchestra Concerts, and 180 rock bands.  Oh, and we also created 101 short films.  All real stats.

August 2014-Produced comedy short film, "Goodnight Jeeves."

August 2014-Web series "Man With a Van" released.  I was Assistant Director on the production.

August 2014-Produced and DPed dramatic film, "Stonewall."

July 2014-Co-wrote and starred in short film, "Trapper Dave and Son."

June 2014-Produced Marvel fan film, Ragnarok & Roll.

April 2014-"A Splash of Florida" Screens at Iron Mule Comedy Festival

March 2014-"Fresno Heat" screens at Iron Mule Comedy Film Festival.

February 2014-Production begins on "Rick Pulsar: Galactic Knight of Space Justice" Podcast.

February 2014-Sketch Comedy group "Good Performance Actor" wins 1st place in Pin-Up Squirrels Sketch Competition.

February 2014-"Hot Girl/Cute Puppet" Web Series debuts.

December 20, 2013-Posted a new blog entry: "The Peebles Lookout."

December 11, 2013-Posted a new blog entry: "I Was Totally Joseph."  

December 6, 2013-Posted a new blog entry: "This is a Story About the Wrong Bus."

November 12, 2013-Posted new blog entry, "We Were Visited."

October 15, 2013-Returned from a two-week shoot in India for the documentary "Blue Like Me."

September 2013-Completed my 9th Summer running the French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts Film Program. 

July 2013-Directed a new horror short film "oroboros."

May 2013-Screened "Sasafras Beanbag" at the Iron Mule Comedy Film Festival

February 2013-"What Drugs Are You Looking For?" won the Audience Award at The Iron Mule Comedy Film Festival.